100 Thousand Poets for Change Open Mic Virtual Event

The Poetry Club

Hosts Garry Snyder Noreen Ann Snyder
Santana Jackett Christie Jackett

September 26, 2020

5 P.M. EST Saturday

Dial-in number (US): (978) 990-5379

Access code: 7516843#

International dial-in numbers: https://fccdl.in/i/snydernoreen

Online meeting ID: snydernoreen

Join the online meeting: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/snydernoreen

I sure enjoyed this ! The first two people didn't get their photos taken because I forgot to get the camera out. I sold ten books to six different people. I enjoyed talking to each and every one of you all. I had fun but I wished Garry was with me.
I didn't get the man's name who bought the first book and I forgot to ask him if he wanted his picture taken. The second one who bought the second book was one of my friends, Sheryl, and I forgot to ask her if she wanted her picture taken.
I had one bad thing happen to me but I turned it around and made good out of it. The bad thing was my cellphone was taken from the book-signing table. But I turned it around and made it good. Out of that, I had to walk two or three stores down and purchase another cellphone. The saleswoman loves to read and is interested in my poetry books and there was a customer there who is a science teacher and he will tell his colleagues about our poetry books. He will be buying from our website. He even called me an educator! Wow what an honor!.
I didn't get to read our poetry because there wasn't a lot of people at once. Next time I will read any way and maybe that will draw a crowd.
I did this for My Teddy Bear Darling, in honor of him!
Click here to see the photos of the Book-signing.

 Hello and welcome to our official site.  I am Noreen Ann Snyder, published author and poet, and my husband, Garry A. Snyder, published author and poet.


I have another poetry book, You'll Learn to Love Me, (out of print) under my former name, Noreen Ann Jenkins.

We have three published poetry books together- Reflections of Our Inner Beings,  Two Hearts in One , and The Aura of Truth.   You can purchase it from Amazon or any place they sell books. Now you can purchase our poetry books from us right here on our online store.  Click here.

And don't forget to check out our forum- Garry's and Noreen's Tranquility Room.


I will be updating and adding more to this site. So please check back often. I hope that you enjoyed your stay on this site. Please feel free to look around.

I have some fantastic news! Both of our poetry books are now available as e-books. You can purchase our e-books on Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, Kobo.com and just almost anywhere e-books are sold.

If you live in the 48 lower states, and the first one who orders from our website, you will get a free print book from us.


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